ARISTO – Suspended for time being

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It is with great sadness that I have to announce the suspension of the Aristo Monthly event.  I hope that this is temporary.  Due to real life health and family issues I am not currently able to dedicate enough time to organise the event.  Many apologies to the designers who have been so loyal and the customers who have been so enthusiastic.  If and when things change I shall make a further announcement.

Moeko Tatekana


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Applications are now open for our October round of Aristo.  The theme this time is A GOTHIC BALL.  It’s about much more than ballgowns and tuxedos.  Think dark and daring, evil, deadly and decidedly creepy – this is the theme behind – A GOTHIC BALL.  Let your creative imagination run wild – just keep it dark, gothic, and disturbing!


aristo october poster

The Grand Tour – September Aristo – Sponsor Exclusives

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We have some epic sponsors this month and some really sumptuous exclusives from them!  All of our merchants have designed gorgeous items for your luxurious enjoyment (yes all at L$99 for the duration of the event), but here, to whet your appetite are the sponsors’ designs:




BPd A Count's invitation ad 2


French Vintage Couture - Adelaide Corset - Rococo - Aristo Even French Vintage Couture - Adelaide Corset - Blue - Aristo Event


KK - Isolde KK - Maerwynn


MOEKO Venetia Gown Scarlet MOEKO Venetia Gown Purple MOEKO Venetia Gown Black MOEKO Alexander Men's Outfit Scarlet MOEKO Alexander Men's Outfit Purple MOEKO Alexander Men's Outfit Black

August Blogger of the Month – Heidi Rewell

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Aristo is very proud to have a group of dedicated and especially talented bloggers to help with the publicising of the designers’ exclusive designs each month.  Under the guidance of our hard working  Mąrɨssą ÇHÜ  (mariselaa) they have produced some amazing images and generated a lot of interest for the event.  I am very proud to announce the inaugural Blogger of the Month award.  Each month myself (Moeko Tatekana) and  Mąrɨssą ÇHÜ  (mariselaa) will review the blog posts made and will pick someone to receive this award.

I’m very excited to announce that this month’s winner is the extraordinary Heidi Rewell.  Heidi has been blogging for the Aristo event since the start and has consistently produced high quality content on a regular basis.  You can see Heidi’s work over on her blog Alternative Fashion in SL and on Flickr.


Blogger of the month!
Heidi Rewell – Aristo Blogger of the Month August 2015 – Photo courtesy of Mąrɨssą ÇHÜ (mariselaa)

Applications OPEN! September – The Grand Tour

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Applications are now open for the September round of Aristo.

THEME: The Grand Tour



The Grand Tour was an extended vacation that young British aristocratic nobles took throughout Europe.  It was at the height of its popularity in the 18th & early 19th centuries.  Although this was an exclusively male pastime, at the ARISTO event, and in keeping with 21st century equality, we encourage designs for all genders/species.   As described on the Wikipedia page:

The primary value of the Grand Tour, it was believed, lay in the exposure both to the cultural legacy of classical antiquity and the Renaissance, and to the aristocratic and fashionably polite society of the European continent. In addition, it provided the only opportunity to view specific works of art, and possibly the only chance to hear certain music. A Grand Tour could last from several months to several years.

Anything reminiscent of the luxury and excess that was a hallmark of the Grand Tour, maybe a hint of the Renaissance, all of these ideas are the background for THE GRAND TOUR.  Designers’ exclusive items should be based around this idea.  Any other items sold can be non-themed as long as the exclusive(s) are thematic.


Get Ready for Gorgeousness! August ARISTO!

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The doors will open at midnight the morning of 10th August – bookmark this page so you can use the SLurl when the event opens.  Click on event poster for your SLurl and take a peek below at some of the amazing exclusives that will be available for L$99!  These are from our sponsors, but there are loads more available from our other designers at the event.  See you there!

aristo august posterFINAL copy

emboidery_aristo_slackGirlND.ANGELS.GOLD.RED.SLImmateria Pennylace Ad+Facepalm+ Elise Gacha+Facepalm+ Sophie

ellie black ad ellie lavender ad copy louise darkness ad copy louise lavender ad copy

August – Broderie Anglaise – Accepting Applications

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aristo august poster copy

We’re now accepting applications for round 2 of Aristo – the theme is Broderie Anglaise.  Hurry though as places are going fast!


ARISTO – Don’t Miss Out!

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With super exclusives all priced at L$99 for the duration of the event, you can’t afford to miss out on the gorgeous new event ARISTO.  Click on the image below for your personal taxi to the event ballroom!

Aristo july_001

The Goodness Starts TOMORROW!

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It’s come around so quickly!  The new Aristo Event is here at midnight tonight!  All of the designers have beautiful exclusive designs for your pleasure as well as gachas and other goodies.

The event location will open at midnight so here is the SLurl for you:

To whet your appetite here are the exclusives from the sponsors:

+Facepalm+ Dark Wedlock +Facepalm+ Victoria [TN!] WaroftheRosesSetGoldAd [TN!] WaroftheRosesSetSilverAd FlorenceDress Ad-Nerdology aristo exclusive-chemical x

amaranth exclusive dress ad copy elvira gacha ad copy

Hurry! Last Spots Nearly GONE!

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We have finalised our amazing sponsors and only have a couple of designer spots left!  Get your applications in quickly because although the deadline for applying isn’t until 3rd July, these spaces are going QUICKLY!  Get your skates on if you want to be one of the few designers at this very exclusive event.  I look forward to seeing you there.



aristo July poster - framedFINALflickr copy