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Get Ready for Gorgeousness! August ARISTO!

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The doors will open at midnight the morning of 10th August – bookmark this page so you can use the SLurl when the event opens.  Click on event poster for your SLurl and take a peek below at some of the amazing exclusives that will be available for L$99!  These are from our sponsors, but there are loads more available from our other designers at the event.  See you there!

aristo august posterFINAL copy

emboidery_aristo_slackGirlND.ANGELS.GOLD.RED.SLImmateria Pennylace Ad+Facepalm+ Elise Gacha+Facepalm+ Sophie

ellie black ad ellie lavender ad copy louise darkness ad copy louise lavender ad copy

ARISTO – Don’t Miss Out!

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With super exclusives all priced at L$99 for the duration of the event, you can’t afford to miss out on the gorgeous new event ARISTO.  Click on the image below for your personal taxi to the event ballroom!

Aristo july_001


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OK, sometimes it’s hard to know if you want to participate in an event when it’s new.  There are lots of unknowns.  The biggest being whether the location for the event will be an attractive place for your customers to visit.  Good news!  I thought you might like to have a teaser of the location.  It isn’t finished yet, but this gives you an idea of the elegant surroundings we’re trying to achieve.  Don’t forget to visit the Designers & Bloggers pages to fill out your application forms.  Any questions contact Moeko Tatekana.

Aristo Event Teaser