Applications OPEN! September – The Grand Tour

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Applications are now open for the September round of Aristo.

THEME: The Grand Tour



The Grand Tour was an extended vacation that young British aristocratic nobles took throughout Europe.  It was at the height of its popularity in the 18th & early 19th centuries.  Although this was an exclusively male pastime, at the ARISTO event, and in keeping with 21st century equality, we encourage designs for all genders/species.   As described on the Wikipedia page:

The primary value of the Grand Tour, it was believed, lay in the exposure both to the cultural legacy of classical antiquity and the Renaissance, and to the aristocratic and fashionably polite society of the European continent. In addition, it provided the only opportunity to view specific works of art, and possibly the only chance to hear certain music. A Grand Tour could last from several months to several years.

Anything reminiscent of the luxury and excess that was a hallmark of the Grand Tour, maybe a hint of the Renaissance, all of these ideas are the background for THE GRAND TOUR.  Designers’ exclusive items should be based around this idea.  Any other items sold can be non-themed as long as the exclusive(s) are thematic.


The Goodness Starts TOMORROW!

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It’s come around so quickly!  The new Aristo Event is here at midnight tonight!  All of the designers have beautiful exclusive designs for your pleasure as well as gachas and other goodies.

The event location will open at midnight so here is the SLurl for you:

To whet your appetite here are the exclusives from the sponsors:

+Facepalm+ Dark Wedlock +Facepalm+ Victoria [TN!] WaroftheRosesSetGoldAd [TN!] WaroftheRosesSetSilverAd FlorenceDress Ad-Nerdology aristo exclusive-chemical x

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Hurry! Last Spots Nearly GONE!

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We have finalised our amazing sponsors and only have a couple of designer spots left!  Get your applications in quickly because although the deadline for applying isn’t until 3rd July, these spaces are going QUICKLY!  Get your skates on if you want to be one of the few designers at this very exclusive event.  I look forward to seeing you there.



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Appications are open for 1st Round

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If you are a designer or blogger and would like to apply to take part in the first round of Aristo (10th July-24th July), please apply NOW as spaces are limited.

For full details please go to the relevant pages:



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Aristo – The New Monthly Event

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I’m very excited to announce a new monthly event that is dedicated to bringing you the most refined and elegant designs within the alternative genre.

What makes Aristo different from other events?

There are a lot of events geared to appeal to the alternative audience and aren’t we glad?!  Aristo aims to be different in a few ways:

1. In years gone by, the aristos always bedecked themselves with the most exquisite and decadent designs.  Aristo want to offer alternative fashion decadence to its audience!

2. Aristo aims to present only the most detailed and lush designs with rich textures.

3. Aristo wants to make the shopper feel like royalty, like the best of the best has been served up to them.  Like the Aristo designers are spoiling the shoppers with a feast of perfection.

The aim is to have designs that are suitable for both male, female, androgynous and furry avatars.  To start with we will have spots for ten designers for your enjoyment.  Depending on how popular it is, we may well expand.  But the aim is to concentrate on quality and not quantity.

If you are a designer or blogger who wishes to be considered for the event, please click on the respective links at the top of the page.

If you have any queries about the event, please drop a notecard in the general mailbox at Aristo HQ in world.

Thank you all for your interest!